Writing Contest

Over 150 middle school students in Hays Consolidated Independent School District (Hays CISD) submitted expository essays for the recent SouthWest Water Company writing contest.

Thank you to all the students who entered and to the teachers who scored the contest.

 Monarch Utilities congratulates the contest finalists:

  • Allana Llabres, Barton Middle School
  • Rhett Bedwell, Dahlstrom Middle School
  • Emma Fernandez, McCormick Middle School
  • Ashlee Goodwin, Simon Middle School
  • Krystal Cortez, Wallace Middle School

And the grand-prize winner:lake3

  • Sofia Caballero, Chapa Middle School

 The Importance of Water  By Sofia Caballero

She already knew the way. Most people would be lost if they pushed through the small opening in the chain link fence hiding the forest away, but to her, this was the only way she knew by heart. EveOur whole life revolves around water; from the minute we’re born to our very last minutes on earth. We as Americans have the privilege of easy access to water everywhere we go, from water fountains at schools, parks, stores, and pretty much any building you walk into…and yet we somehow manage to take it for granted. Imagine the fortune of this just being stripped away from you.

Every year a little over a trillion gallons of water are wasted just in the U.S.! The average person uses 8-10 gallons a day. This amount of water is not necessary to use let alone for one person. In many foreign areas, families do not have the advantage of clean water unless they walk several miles. Even when they get the chance to get water they are only capable of carrying a few gallons or so on the way back; so the families are forced to conserve their water. ALL of these families still manage to complete their everyday tasks such as washing dishes and clothes, cooking, and to bathe themselves.

If we really devoted our lives to conserving water we could potentially improve the living conditions for people all over the world. Not only would we be helping people, but also saving lots of money and helping out the animals from pollution. Just minimizing your shower time, turning off the faucet when you don’t need it, and lowering the amount of time you have your sprinklers on could save several thousands of gallons a year! So next time you’re showering, brushing your teeth, washing clothes or dishes, think of what the families would do to have the privilege of clean, accessible water, so don’t abuse it!